2015 Chilean America Cup Argentina National Team’s latest 23-man congress list (final version)_1

2015 Chilean America Cup Argentina National Team latest 23-man congressional list (final version)
On May 28th, Beijing time, the Argentine men’s football team announced the list of 23 players participating in the 2015 Chilean America’s Cup. Messi, Aguero led, Di Maria, Tevez and other star players are also listed.In the same issue as the 30-person roster, 7 people were tailored, including veteran Maxi Rodriguez, and the remaining 6 were F-Fernandez of Swansea, Orban and Enzo of Valencia-Perez, Benfica’s Gaitan, Independence’s Mancuello and Santo Lake’s Ma Kaixin.The 2015 America’s Cup of Chile, a small part of the Argentine America’s Cup list: the Serie A seven will have a frontline value of more than 200 million US dollars. In the current America’s Cup, Argentina and Uruguay, Paraguay and Jamaica are in the same group. From the scale of Argentina’s strengthFrom a standpoint, Martino’s team is still very promising to win the championship.Messi, Aguero, Tevez, Higuain and Ravi?’s luxurious front line is the guarantee of Argentina’s record.It should be pointed out that because of the collision between the Champions League final and the Copa America, Juventus, Barcelona’s Tevez, Roberto Pereira, Messi and Mascherano will only be able to keep up after the Champions League finalThe national team meets.(Black Mamba) Goalkeepers: Romero (Sampdoria), Guzman (Tiger), Andújar (Naples); Defenders: Sabaletta (Man City), Longkalia (Genoa),Garrett (Zenit), De Miquelis (Man City), Otamendi (Valencia), Rojo (Man United), Casco (Old Boy Newells); Midfielder: MascheraNono (Barca), Biglia (Lazio), Banega (Sevilla), Roberto Pereira (Juventus), Gago (Boca youth), Di Maria (Manchester United), LameLa (Tottenham), Pastore (Paris Saint-Germain) Forwards: Messi (Barcelona), Aguero (Man City), Tevez (Juventus), Lavic (Paris Saint-Germain), Higuain (Naples) Group B opponents in the same group: 2015 Chilean America Cup Uruguay 23 finals list Cavani led the 2015 Chilean America Cup Paraguay final 23 player list Barrios was selected to the 2015 Chilean America Cup Jamaica National Team’s latest 30-person list (Figure)