Peking People Peking Things, Alley Butler Released on October 29

Peking People Peking Things, “Alley Butler” Released on October 29
On October 26, the movie “Alleykeeper” premiered at the Beijing Archives of Antiques.The film celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China starred by actors Gong Hanlin, co-starring Zhang Ying, Fang Qingping, Gong Tiankuo, Zhang Zhaobei, Zhang Jingsheng, Zhai Xiaoxing, Sun Qian, Meng Xiu, Li Qinqin, Jia Yulan, Liu Dawei, Lu Qiuhong, etc., Directed by Zheng Hao, the director of China Film Corporation, and co-directed by Ma Quan, associate professor of Communication University of China.It is reported that the film will meet with audiences across the country on October 29.The Organization Department of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee and the Communication University of China jointly planned and produced the realism alternative main theme film “Alleykeeper”, which is based on the city2.The advanced deeds of the 30,000 lanekeepers and the working mechanism of “street and village whistling, department registration” are the main content. They closely integrate grassroots governance in Beijing and the actual life of the people, and focus on how to get through the last step in the process of grassroots governance.Kilometers, and even the touching story of the last meter.The film insists on being positive and moving, showing the humorous but not exaggerated, touching and not sensational Beijing people, Beijing things, Beijing taste, and authentic Beijing rhyme culture.The film “Alleykeeper” reports the grass-roots party building work in an artistic form, showing the work style and working status of the grass-roots party organizations and party members, enriching the way of party building work, improving the publicity effect, and improving the future.The party building propaganda work has created a new model.The frontier of the film has made Beijing’s work experts and work content deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, let peers gain experience, let the masses understand and let society support.The film “Alley Butler” adopts the new creative concept of “instant film”, and the ongoing and upcoming policies and work are included in the plot in time. The 100-day countdown for National Day is used as a time clue to maximize the closeness and reflection.reality.As Beijing’s grass-roots governance work progresses as a super-large city, more and more outstanding “alley stewards” have emerged in the city. Their deeds are ordinary and great, their work is trivial and complicated, but their full work enthusiasm,Smart working methods and positive working attitudes have become a valuable asset for grass-roots cadres and ordinary people. The greatness in the ordinary is the most touching force in life.Sauna, Ye Wang Teng Chao editor Xu Meilin proofreading Wu Xingfa