China Children’s Arts will participate in the 1st June Online Carnival, Huang Bo, Huang Lei and other appearances

China Children’s Arts will participate in the “1st June” Online Carnival, Huang Bo, Huang Lei and other appearances
In order to explore a new mode of “performance + live broadcast” integration and development, on the evening of May 31, the China Children’s Art Theatre will launch a “drama” of love, a blessing in the cloud-celebrating the “1st June” online carnival, through the wonderful night of drama,Stars send blessings, love cloud delivery, online show sounds and other four parts to welcome the arrival of “June 1” Children’s Day.June 1 this year is the 64th birthday of China Children’s Art Theater, China Children’s Arts Association China Welfare Children’s Art Theater, Xi’an Children’s Art Theater, Zhejiang Performing Arts Group Zhejiang Children’s Art Troupe, Wuhan People’s Art Theater, Tianjin Children’s Art Theater,Seven theater groups of Qingdao Municipal Theater will launch online highlights with many artistic features.At the moment when culture and tourism continue to be deeply integrated, while showing drama fragments, it will also connect local actors to introduce local attractions, food, etc.At that time, many guests gathered in the “cloud” to send a special blessing to the children.Huang Bo, Huang Lei, Huang Xiaoming, Lao Lang, Song Jia, Tao Hong, Tong Liya, etc. appeared one by one, sharing their thinking about growth, expectations and blessings for children.Artists from 7 schools and groups including China Children’s Art also sent blessings to children everywhere. They brought everyone back to remember precious childhood time and gave the infinite possibilities of the future to the hands of children.The event also invites children, actors, medical workers, police and other people from all walks of life to participate in this event and record “Making the World Full of Love” together.It is worth mentioning that 7 schools and groups including China Pediatrics also prepared a total of 7000 “Love Charity Tickets” for children of medical workers, children in children’s welfare homes, and audiences participating in online carnivals.In the live broadcast, each group of groups sent out unique cultural and creative products, such as speakers, T-shirts, puzzles, dolls, etc., through online interaction.中国儿艺院长尹晓东表示:“今年‘六一’中国儿艺64岁生日,首次以线上的方式与大家共同欢度‘六一’儿童节,希望通过跨越地域限制的直播形式,把精彩的Performances and blessings are passed on to the children, allowing more children to feel the charm of the drama and draw nutrients and strength from the drama.”Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Zhen Wu Longzhen Proofreading Wu Xingfa