Actors are in place upgrades variety, decodes the film and television industry

“Actors are in place” upgrades variety, decodes the film and television industry
Four film-based short films Chen Kaige’s “Haircut”, Li Shaohong’s “Truth”, Zhao Wei’s “Brother”, Guo Jingming’s “AI” as the final assessment.  There is no doubt that more and more domestic variety shows are beginning to pay attention to the diverse needs of the audience’s spiritual level. The reality show “Actor Please Place” by the director cast by Tencent Video is one of the outstanding leaders.This show, which was broadcasted on December 14th through the “Ultimate Placement Ceremony” live broadcast, decoded the film and television industry in an infinitely close to real way, deconstructing the entire process of the birth of film and television works to the audience, so that the audience can understand more fullyWhat is a director, what is a performance.    Decoding the original intention of the film and television industry to restore the practitioners and ingenuity Currently, most domestic acting variety shows adopt the “dramatic” stage performance presentation method, but after all, the dramatic performance is different from the real film and television production. The audience does not see the actors appear.The most real state of the film and television drama.”Actors are in place” chooses 1: 1 real scenes to produce script scenes, and uses full film and television shooting to edit the scene of the performance on the large screen of the stage, presenting the actors’ acting skills to the live directors and audiences, and to the greatest extent possible to restore the film and televisionshooting scene.  In the past, the audience would pay more attention to the “drama” of actors when watching acting variety.From the perspective of the director, “Actor Please Place” puts the performance of the actor in the complete film and television works to scale, and re-decodes the actor evaluation system to the audience from a more professional and comprehensive perspective-good actors must have acting skills, butThe criteria for judging a good actor goes beyond acting.The actor and the opponent in the same play are mutually successful. The correct and accurate understanding and execution of the director and the close cooperation with the other types of work of the crew are indispensable.  The creative environment that is more “idealized” than film and television drama shooting also benefited the actors participating in the show.Ming Dao said that in the program, he can talk to the director in-depth about the role, and can observe the performances of other actors up close, which is very helpful for his performance.  The pursuit of film quality to reproduce the entire process of film and television production “Actor Please Place” will eventually show the four directors’ detailed insights into different aspects of society with four short films.In an interview, Li Shaohong pointed out that quoting regular film works, such short films point out that they are challenging because they have to contain more information in a shorter space.Judging from the results, the four short films are not based on the originality, the details are polished, or the follow-up production is no longer the same as the film. It perfectly shows the actor’s intentional performance, the director’s personal style, the texture exceeds the American film, and it is also screened on the big screen.Favorably.  For performances on stage, “Actor Please Place” also pursues film quality.The producer of the show director group, Su Leijing, said: “We tried it boldly on stage, just like everyone saw a big screen, after all the sub-lenses, scripts, and seats were all set, the actors were very difficult to perform., He went to act in this plane, but what he showed was close to the film and television texture.”This puts high demands on the show’s service and road.  It is worth mentioning that “Actors Please Be In Place” also conducts film-style pre-screening marketing of the four short films to fully demonstrate the operation of the film and television industry chain to the audience.After the four short films went online, the program team organized screenings for fans and media, launched online ticket voucher grabbing activities, launched a roadshow of directors and actors offline, box office theater position promotion, and gold patches to warm up the four filmsBuild momentum.What the audience can see from the program is not only the standard of the director’s casting, the size of the actors’ performance, but also the whole process of the birth of a film and television work.  As a acting reality show variety, “Actor Please Place” instead of artificially creating dramatic contradictions in pursuit of program viewing, chose to use a more professional form to deeply analyze the internal operating rules of the film and television industry, so that the audience can getEntertainment and relaxation at the same time have a deeper understanding of the ingenuity of the film and television creators, and also let more actors who insist on the original intention of the performance but not the popular flow enter the audience’s vision.Starting from the reality show, and finally reality, “actors please seat” by building an axis of in-depth communication between the audience and the film and television industry, completed the promotion of a variety show.  Writing / Sauna, Ye Wang Yang Lianjie