Efficacy and function of lotus seeds and eating method

Efficacy and function of lotus seeds and eating method

Lotus seeds are flat, sweet and astringent, heart, spleen, kidney meridian; nourishing spleen and reducing diarrhea, nourishing kidney and astringent clear, nourishing heart and soothe the nerves.

For spleen deficiency and long-term diarrhea, nocturnal emission, palpitations and insomnia.

Indications: night dreams, insomnia, forgetfulness, upset and thirsty, low back pain, weak feet, ears and ears, nocturnal emission, gonorrhea, prolonged periods, diarrhea, women’s collapse and leakage, and stomach deficiency.

The lotus seed core has a very bitter taste, but it has a significant heart-strengthening effect, which can dilate blood vessels and reduce blood pressure. The lotus core also has a good effect of relieving heart fire, which can treat sores and cause sleep.

  The efficacy and role of lotus seeds: 1, anti-cancer and anti-cancer: lotus seeds are good at filling the five internal organs, tongli twelve meridian qi and blood, so that qi and blood are smooth and not rot, and the oxidized huangxinshuning contained in lotus seeds can inhibit nasopharyngeal carcinomaAll of this constitutes the nutritional and health-care functions of lotus seeds in anti-cancer and anti-cancer; 2. Lowering blood pressure: the non-crystalline alkaloid N-9 contained in lotus seeds has a blood pressure-lowering effect;Has a significant heart-strengthening effect, while lisianine has the effect of reducing anti-calcium and anti-arrhythmia; 4, nourishing and nourishing deficiency, leaving nocturnal essence: the raffinose contained in lotus seeds is suitable for all agesTonics are commonly used as nutritional supplements for those with chronic illnesses, postpartum or elderly weakness; lichenine has the effect of suppressing libido, and for those who have more dreams, nocturnal emission or slippery sperm, taking lotus seeds has a good anti-astringent essenceeffect.

  How to eat lotus seeds: Weight loss lotus heart tea production method: First we prepare 3 grams of dried lotus seeds and 1 gram of green tea. Put the lotus seeds and tea in a tea cup, brew about half a cup with boiling hot water, and cover with a lid.Get up for 5 minutes to stay. It is best to drink after meals. Lotus seed tea can be brewed repeatedly until the color of the lotus heart changes.

  Longan lotus seeds, longan meat 100 grams, fresh lotus seeds 200 grams, rock sugar 150 grams, white sugar 50 grams, wet starch amount.

  Longan meat is washed in cold water (large pieces are torn in half) and removed to control moisture.

Peel the green skin and tender skin of the fresh lotus seeds, and remove the lotus seeds. Wash them, place them in a boiling water pot, drain them, and pour them into cold water.

Put 750 grams of water in the pot, add sugar and rock sugar, boil and skim off the foam.

Put the longan meat and lotus seeds in the pot, dilute it with wet starch, and put it in a large bowl to serve.

  This palate can strengthen the spleen and soothe the nerves, and nourish qi and blood.

Suitable for blood deficiency and palpitations, forgetfulness, insomnia, lack of qi and blood, spleen deficiency and diarrhea, edema, and the consequences of women due to qi and blood deficiency.

  Lotus seed Tremella soup lotus seed 200 grams, white fungus amount, 250 grams of sugar, sugar osmanthus juice itself.

  The lotus seeds are peeled, and the heart is scalded in boiling water.

Tremella is soaked in warm water and torn into small flaps.

Place the lotus seeds in a bowl, steam them in a water basket, and take the original juice.

Add heat to the pot, add water, sugar, and osmanthus juice. Add the white fungus and boil slightly. Boil in a bowl, pour lotus seeds, and drizzle osmanthus juice.

  This soup can nourish the lungs and strengthen the spleen, nourish the heart and nourish the kidneys, and is effective for the elderly and frail, insomnia, dreams, asthma, weakness, and anxiety.