Is a woman a certain creature?

Is a woman a certain creature?

The husband did not return home until 10 o’clock.

The worried wife asked, “Why is it so late?

The husband was tired and simply responded, “The matter of the project.

“The wife was immediately dissatisfied, and continued to question, until the husband was impatient.” Okay, you don’t understand!

“A quarrel thus began.

Later, the husband asked his buddies to taboo: “Women are really troublesome!

The wife complained to her girlfriend: “He doesn’t love me at all.

“In life, communication barriers often exist between men and women.

As in the above case, the late returning husband did not understand his wife’s concern, and the wife who kept asking him could not hear her husband’s fatigue.

Psychologists of different schools have different explanations. From the perspective of cognitive psychology, women use an average of 5 intonations, but men generally use only 3 kinds of intonation.

Therefore, a man can’t hear certain changes in a woman’s tone, and thinks she’s tired of repeating the same topic.

From the perspective of evolutionary psychology, thousands of years of evolution have created differences in male and female brain structures.

First of all, men’s thinking is straight-line, accurate and concise, the purpose is to find problems and solve problems; women’s thinking is curvilinear, the problem itself is not important, they are more concerned about the maintenance of relationships, and have strong ability to observe and observe.

In fact, women highlight feelings and like to express their feelings exaggerated, sometimes “you do this every time”, “you don’t love me at all” and so on; men value literal meaning, are more rational, and can’t understand the emotions behind women’s words, onlyArguing about how inaccurate the terms “every time” and “essential” are.

Therefore, when a woman speaks with a man, it is best to make clear one point at a time, and let him know how to do it, and give him clear directions.

Try not to be partial, you can say “how are you late this time”, instead of asking “you are late every time”; express your emotions directly, such as “you are late, I am not happy”, instead of making a roundLet him guess.

When men communicate with women, they must understand that women are emotional, don’t tangle with each other’s exaggerated literal meaning, try to understand the emotions behind the language, and think from the perspective of each other.