F1 son of Hunter Hunt revealed that his father had thousands of bed partners who had battled 35 flight attendants

Son of F1 famous Hunter revealed that his father had thousands of bed partners who had battled 35 flight attendants
If you choose the greatest F1 driver in history, some people will choose Schumacher, some people’s answer is Senna, but if you are who is the most ruthless driver in history, James Hunt is the only answer, his racing suit has a badge,It says that sex is the breakfast of the champion, and in fact he has always proved this sentence with actual actions.How exactly does Hunter think of sex as breakfast? Hunter’s son called it his father’s past affair in an interview recently, letting the world understand that Hunter still cannot surpass.  On October 24, 1976, Hunt defeated Lauda to win the world championship. Now in order to celebrate his 40th anniversary, his son Freddie published a version of his book, although some of the content of this book should not be deleted because it is too young.But Freddie still hopes to speak out and let people know what his father has achieved.  At the Japan Station in 1976, Hunt placed the palace at Hilton Tokyo. This is the reception point for British flights. Every day, an air hostess from British Airways stops here. Hunt will invite them to his room, and the flight attendant does not.Decline his invitation.Freddy revealed that his father, Hunter, had dated 35 British Airline stewardesses at the Hilton Hotel in Tokyo. They came to the hotel location and flew the next day before and after. They would change one every night. This was witnessed to testify, and there would be new stewardesses every day.  Unlike Stewart who is a well-known ascetic, Hunt likes to get into the cockpit a few minutes before and still does what he likes to do. There are rumors that the playboy has fooled with 5000 women, and Freddy is notI agree with this number. In my opinion, 5000 is inaccurate, which is too incredible for him. I don’t think my father is the kind of person who counts how many people go to bed, but there must be hundreds or thousands of people.You know, he is handsome and handsome.  In addition to being obsessed with women, driving fast cars and drugs is also Hunt’s hobby. Freddy’s novel: This is what my mother told me. In the mid-1980s, my father was followed by a uniformed police car in Scotland, and he had marijuana in his car.In the end, he managed to get rid of the police. He is a world champion and can drive a car.9-liter displacement Mercedes.  Hunter married Susie Miller in 1974. This was also Hunter’s first marriage. In 1976, his wife joined actor Richard Burton. Freddie’s novel: Father is not sad, he said more than once with herMarriage was wrong. When Miller had a new relationship, his father felt great.Huntley married his second wife Sarah Lomax in 1983. The two divorced after six years. Sarah Lomax was also Freddie’s mother.  In 1989, Hunter Dyson (Helen Dyson), the other party was a restaurant waiter, Hunter was determined to reinvent the mind, but unfortunately, proposed to Dyson and died the next day due to heart disease.Freddy followed in his father’s footsteps to become a racing driver, but he said he would not repeat the mistakes his father made. The book was written in the hope that the world would learn about Hunter’s legendary life.  Despite admitting that his father’s lifestyle is not worth advocating, Freddie still prides himself on being the world champion father. Yes, he smokes alcohol, smokes marijuana, and takes drugs at parties. He has done a lot to say anything.Things, but don’t you have a bad side?I am not embarrassed by his actions, my father is my glory.  Hunt is always controversial, and some people despise his chaos in his private life, but Hunter’s friend Stirling Moss who sang together in Monte Carlo before marriage said that if you have James Hunt as perfectCongenital advantage, are you still ready to riot?In fact, Henry is not just a mixed world devil, he also won the 1976 world championship, he is also the prototype of the James Hunt corner in the movie “Fast Speed”.