Slimming and trendy users try four slimming products

Slimming and trendy users try four slimming products

The beautiful curve is the goal pursued by women for life, but for urban women who do not love sports, or who love to stay up late, or who are lazy to walk a few steps in front of the computer all day long, they must face the weight reduction, thigh, hip partial curve.The problem, these three parts are the most easy to accumulate, and easy to produce cellulite, think about it, relying on slimming products seems to be the general trend.

  Fortunately, the current slimming products are from the early stage of selling only caffeine scores, or vigorously promoting capsaicin, and you are not going to give up, the new active caffeine score, natural herbal ingredients become mainstream, outstandingAt the same time, it also pays attention to let the body’s blood circulation smooth, natural metabolism, and provide a firm formula of the skin, changing the correction curve movement from simple modification to “customized”, surprise again and again.

  Trial product: Elancyl Firming Concentrate (228 yuan / 75ml) Product appeal: According to the physiological rhythm of the human unfortunate cells, the slimming effect lasts up to 24 hours.

Extracting caffeine ingredients can accelerate the self-decomposition and consumption of adults; the three active ingredients fully inhibit the storage of adults and strongly promote skin microcirculation.

Taste: Very fresh plant aroma, quite good smell, and long staying fragrance, it is refreshing.

  Thickness: The thinner mouth is vulcanized.

  Trial experience: very cool, even when I first touched the skin, I felt a bit too cold.

A circular massage in the abdomen and waist can be absorbed quickly.

However, the amount of one scale at a time seems to be too much.

After absorption, the skin feels a little astringent and slightly warm.

However, after 14 days of continuous trial, there was no significant change in waist size.

In addition, it is recommended to use after bathing in the morning, which is very inconvenient for people who do not have the habit of bathing in the morning.

  Suggestions for improvement: The water is too thin and it is easy to pour when it is on the palm of your hand.

And you must massage until thoroughly absorbed. If you don’t have time to massage in the morning, the green mouth curry will be dyed on a white t-shirt.

  Satisfaction index: ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ trial products: Vichy Ying moving body slimming