Seven ways to help you maintain your friendship with friends

Seven ways to help you maintain your friendship with friends

Many people think that true friendship does not need to be maintained, which leads them to find no friends in their lives to accompany them to watch movies, go shopping or play.

These results are due to their misunderstanding of friendship.

Friendship, like all feelings, needs to be maintained by yourself. If you don’t maintain this friendship, then sooner or later this friendship will leave you.

So how can we maintain friendship?

Today I will teach you seven ways to maintain friendship, hoping that your friendship will last forever.

  1. Keep in touch. Don’t lose contact with good friends over time.

In addition to long conversations, you should also use text messages, postcards, and emails to greet each other from time to time.

This is how friends have incorporated into our lives in the ordinary way.

When they are trying to understand our lives, you should rediscover the opportunity to share the joy and touch of life with them.

Yes, some friends have lost contact for many years, but we can still continue their unfinished friendship.

In the meantime, they and their partners can look for opportunities to build friendships that were missed in those years.

  2. Don’t compare friends. Don’t worry about why they called you or invited you last. Don’t compare who gave the most expensive birthday gift.

Rather, looking at everything from a long-term perspective, they are likely to maintain the balance of friendship in unexpected ways.

I met while chatting with that girl, she never invited her friends to take a walk along the beach, because she wanted her friends to take the initiative to invite her to do something better.


When people can’t help or invite friends or even fail to call in time, there are always many legitimate reasons for my comfort.

Of course, sometimes friends’ lives are just smoother than others. They may be in the reorganization, have more leisure, more money, and even more possibilities than friends.

But the so-called friendship does not make everything equal in life.

  3. Loyalty Friendship requires loyalty.

Friends cannot aim at the lack of each other in front of others, nor can they spread rumors and gossips that will hurt friends.

Therefore, we reasonably help each other instead of worrying about the vilification of friends behind.

Even if a good friend knows each other’s weaknesses and weaknesses so easily, they can still accept it.

Because they care for each other, they will be loyal to each other.

  4, equality and respect Good friends know equality and respect.

When a friendship develops well, friends become close.

They will share each other’s experiences, listen to each other’s voices, and be honest.

Even if they find each other smarter than themselves, they will not feel inferior.

Because they do not share a sense of superiority in sharing their insights, no one distinguishes friends from being noble or cheap.

Real friends are moving side by side.

  5. Remembering their birthday trivial matters is also important.

Good friends should be considerate.

Remember important things that happen in your friend’s life, and express your condolences in some way.

Together with friends, they celebrate those seemingly ordinary festivals, and they often share small things to show friendship.

For example, stop working and put a cup of coffee on top of them, or considerately saying, “You are great!”


  6. Resolving conflicts Conflicts are sustainable in interpersonal communication.

Friends cannot let small problems swell into big contradictions.

They should give full trust to each other, and carefully maintain friendship even when opinions are not unified.This means that even if a contradiction occurs in the future, it must be resolved in a timely manner instead of letting it go.

  7. Become a fan of friends Real friends will realize the same joy when celebrating achievements for their friends.

They will let each other know that they admire each other magically.

They appreciate the admiration of each other’s assistance, and they encourage each other to work hard to grow up and applaud each other.

  Transitioning to the Golden Rule The “Golden Rule” will win you long-term friends.

They treat friends with their heart, as they want to be treated.

They discover the virtues of a friend, help him fight, and at the same time accept what his friends are.

Together they maintain and operate their friendship.

  One celebrity once said that the only way to win a friendship is to show others first.

Although some people will like you and take the initiative to be friends with you, this situation is rare. If you just wait for others to associate with you, your friendship will not last.

So don’t just think that love needs to be maintained, in fact, friendship also needs to be managed.