Although peanuts are high in nutrition, they can become lifelines

Although peanuts are high in nutrition, they can become “lifelines”

Introduction: Peanuts are a common food and a nutrient-rich food, but eating peanuts in a certain group of people may be harmful to life. This is not alarmist!
So, who should not eat peanuts?
1. Gout patients: Gout is a group of diseases caused by disorders of purine metabolism. All patients have hyperuricemia.
Because a high-fat diet will reduce uric acid excretion and aggravate the condition, peanuts should be fasted during the acute episode of gout, and only moderate amounts should be eaten during the remission period.
2. Cholecystectomy: Bile is important for fat digestion and absorption.
After a person eats, the gallbladder contracts, and bile is drained into the duodenum to facilitate digestion and absorption.
High-protein and high-fat foods stimulate the gallbladder the most, causing large amounts of bile to be released.
After the gallbladder is removed, bile cannot be stored, which will definitely affect the digestion of fat in oil crops such as peanuts.
3. Patients with gastric ulcer, chronic gastritis, and chronic enteritis: These patients often have symptoms such as chronic abdominal pain, diarrhea, or indigestion. It is advisable to eat a small number of meals on the diet, light and less oil.
Peanuts are nuts. The protein and fat content is too high to be digested and absorbed. Such patients should fast.
4. People who want to lose weight: The calories and fat content of peanuts are very high. If you eat two or two fried peanut kernels, you will eat 581 kcal of energy, which is equivalent to eating five or two and a half steamed buns.Stay away from peanuts.
5. Diabetics: Diabetics need to control the total energy intake daily. Therefore, the daily use of cooking oil should not exceed three tablespoons (30g).
But 18 peanuts is equivalent to a spoonful of oil (10g), which can generate 90 kcal of heat.
6. Patients with hyperlipoproteinemia: Irrational diet is an important cause of hyperlipoproteinemia, so the principle of diet therapy is to limit calories and reduce the intake of saturated fatty acids and cholesterol.
Peanuts are high-fat, high-calorie foods. Eating more can only aggravate the condition, leading to the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as coronary heart disease and life-threatening.
After the introduction of the above content, everyone knows that peanuts are crunchy, delicious, nutritious, and cheap. They are a favorite snack for men, women and children, but if you belong to the above six types of peanuts, peanuts are not good for you.
Therefore, you must pay attention to it, for the sake of health, you must pay attention to the peanuts.