An introduction to lazy yoga for lazy people

An introduction to lazy yoga for lazy people

Year after year, day after day, people often get inexplicably tired. At this time, an ego will say, “If you don’t continue, don’t you do the previous exercises in vain?

“The other ego will perform without losing time.” Isn’t yoga just for the comfort and happiness of the soul?

Being forced is not so happy.

“Would you choose self implantation?

  If divided according to blood type, the strict type A blood will ignore the subconscious protest and continue to practice because they are perfectionists; the type B of good thinking has begun to weigh whether there is an inevitable relationship between gaining happiness and insisting on practice;The fickle AB blood may insist on practicing at the beginning and then give up halfway, because at that moment, he feels that happiness is more important; only the free O blood is not too much, because he has already hit the first timeCalled a friend to play golf.

  In fact, I have a simpler method: Turn on the TV, watch a favorite show, and practice the “lazy yoga” created by myself (the reason for naming it like this is because these movements are always always facingThe one in the front is not only convenient for watching TV, but also very gentle, and will not cause the body that does not want to practice to have too much resistance.


  First, the mountain stands 1, sitting on the floor, with her back straight and taking a deep breath.

  2. Pull up the left foot and insert it into the right thigh. Pull the right foot into the left thigh and form a lotus position. (If you ca n’t cross your legs, you can put one foot on the other thigh and try to pull the other foot.To the perineum) 3. Inhale, straighten your hands upwards, try to open your palms and your fingers, but press your thumbs against each other and stay for a deep breath.

  4. Restore. Sit on the side of the foot and do it again.

  Second, heron style 1, sitting on the floor and taking a deep breath.

  2. The left foot is turned out, the foot plate is pulled close to the shin, the right foot is bent, and the right foot plate is grasped with both hands.

  3. Inhale, lift your right foot, exhale slowly, pull your right foot close to your body, keep your back straight, stay for a few seconds and take a deep breath.

  4, restore, do a foot change.

  Third, the knee stands side-curved 1, King Kong kneels, takes a deep breath, and his back is straight.

  2. Inhale, straighten your left foot upwards, exhale, straighten your hands upwards and hold each other.

  3. Inhale, slowly bend your upper body to the left, exhale, and stop breathing.

  4. Restore, take a deep breath, and do it on the other side.

  The mountain stand can increase perseverance, endurance and attention, strengthen the knee joint, and promote peripheral blood circulation; prevent endocrine disorders, beautify the lines of the arms, and prevent paralysis of hands and feet and coldness.

  Heron type helps blood circulation in the lower body, enhances physical strength, eliminates leg swelling, adjusts the pelvis while beautifying leg lines, and prevents physiological disorders.

  The knee flexion type can eliminate excess meat in the vice and waist and strengthen the shoulder joints; it can also facilitate mystery, lower abdominal pain and diabetes.

  In this way, after practicing the three postures, several important parts of the body that need to be active have been strengthened.

Generally speaking, according to my experience, after starting physical activity, I will start to practice yoga, eager to practice more difficult movements.

Of course, if you have n’t finished your beloved show, and you find other actions that you can do in front of the TV, repeating them in order is also a good choice!