Notes on the efficacy and role of licorice

Notes on the efficacy and role of licorice

Today, I will introduce a kind of food, licorice, which is a medicine and food.

  Licorice is a very common Chinese medicinal material, but do you know the efficacy and role of licorice?

Do you know that licorice can cure certain diseases?

Are there any precautions when taking licorice?

  In addition to making candies, licorice has a wide range of medical benefits.

Its most common uses include relief of dyspnea, such as colds, sore throats, bronchitis, allergies, and even tuberculosis, because of its expectorant effect.

Due to its mucolytic properties, more and more complications are present in modern cough syrup.

It is usually a routine treatment for mouth and stomach ulcers.

In addition, licorice is considered to have the effect of a pouring agent.

This herb can also be used as an antiviral drug to treat shingles and eye, mouth or genital herpes.

  Licorice can be used to treat ileitis because it has the effect of stopping contracted fractures.

It is very effective in treating diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome, leaky bowel syndrome and Crohn’s disease.

In traditional Chinese medicine, it is also used to treat cancer.

Some studies have found that licorice can effectively prevent high blood pressure and reduce plasma.

  Licorice contains isoflavones, which means it can produce estrogen and / or anti-estrogen effects.

Therefore, this herb is believed to help reduce PMS and menopausal symptoms.

In addition to these, it can prevent the occurrence of hyperkalemia or increase the level of potassium in the blood, as potassium in both extremes can cause arrhythmias.

Arrhythmias can easily lead to cardiac arrest and even death.

However, large doses of licorice are not recommended because licorice contains compounds that can cause hypokalemia and increase blood pressure.

  Studies have found that licorice has uses for enhancing memory and cognitive abilities.

The compound glycyrrhizin can effectively treat hepatitis B and hepatitis C.

Recent research has not found that this magical herb is effective in treating AIDS because it can inhibit HIV replication and stimulate interferon.

  However, excessive consumption of licorice candy is considered to cause damage to the kidney and cardiovascular system.

Excessive consumption of licorice can cause high blood pressure and edema.

Therefore, when using this herb and its products, be sure to maintain the right amount for maximum health benefits.

  Function Indications: nourishing the spleen and replenishing qi, clearing away heat and detoxifying, expectorant and relieving cough, relieving pain and analgesic, reconciling various medicines.

Suitable for weak spleen and stomach, fatigue, fatigue, palpitations, shortness of breath, cough and sputum, abdomen, acute pain in fractures of extremities, carbuncle and sore, relieve drug toxicity, severe.

  Dosage: Oral: Jiantang, 3?
9g (large dose of 30?

Topical: appropriate amount, wash the stains with frying water;

  Caution for use: It is not advisable to use licorice with Beijing Euphorbia, Corydalis, Gansui, and Seaweed for its efficacy and action, relieve lungs, detoxify, and reconcile medicines.

Consumption, abdominal pain, fatigue, fever, cough, palpitations, heart palpitations, raw, cure sore throat, peptic ulcers, ulcers, antidote and food poisoning.

  ① “Ben Jing”: “The main five internal organs and six houses are cold, hot and evil, strong bones and bones, long muscles, Beili, gold sores, and detoxification.

“②” Don’t record “:” Well in the middle of the air, full of shortness of breath, hurt the cough, thirst, pass the meridians, replenish the blood gas, relieve a hundred drugs.

“③” On the nature of medicine “:” cold pain in the main abdomen, cure headache, remove abdominal fullness; replenish the five internal organs; make various drugs poison; nourish kidney and internal injuries, make Yin (not) sick; housewife bloody back pain; deficiencyAnd much hot; add it.

“④” Hikari Materia Medica “:” Reconciliation.

Make up for five labors and seven injuries, everything is damaged, frightened, upset, forgetful.
Tong Jiuqiao, Li Bai Mai, Yi Jing Yang Qi, strong bones and bones, relieve cold and heat.

“⑤” Pearl Sac “:” Enrich blood, nourish the stomach.
“⑥” Decoction of Herbal Medicine “:” Treat the pus and blood of the lungs, and use it as a vomiting agent; eliminate the sores and ulcers of the five hairs, with the same effect as the Huangpi

“⑦” Outline “:” Relieve fetal poison in children, startled, lower fire and relieve pain.

⑧ “Chinese Medicine Plant Atlas”: “Treatment of peptic ulcer and jaundice.”

“Through the above introduction, everyone should have some understanding of the efficacy and role of licorice!

Everyone must pay attention to some taboos when taking licorice!