ATP year-end finals-Nishikori advanced to the semi-finals and made history, Ferrer was reversed _1

ATP year-end finals-Nishikori advanced to the semi-finals and made history, Ferrer was reversed
Beijing time on November 14th (local time 13th) news, the 2014 ATP year-end finals at the O2 stadium in London launched a fifth match day competition.In the final round of Group B group, Raonic announced his injury before the match and replaced player Ferrer.After losing a set first, Nishikori finally reversed 4-6/6-4/6-1, defeating Ferrer for the fourth consecutive season this season and winning the second group stage victory.Federer then defeated Murray in straight sets, so Nishikori advanced to the semifinals in the second group and became the first Asian player to reach the Final Four.Nishikori reversal win This is the ninth career encounter between Ferrer and Nishikori. Today, one Asian brother is leading with five wins and three losses.The three encounters this season were all dragged into the final set, and Nishikori was the winner.When the Japanese guy faced Federer in the last round, he was trapped by a wrist injury and failed to show his best.Although there is no hope of advancement, Ferrer, who always tries his best in the game, will even cause big trouble for Nishikori.Therefore, the outcome of this game is also full of suspense.  At the beginning of the game, Ferrer easily secured the first game. It is said that he had made sufficient preparations for the game.Nishikori also showed a very good state, after a successful offensive shot, the score was tied 1-1.The two sides started a fierce competition in the intraday period. Both of them withstood the pressure of the break point to ensure that the service game was not lost. The score was 3-3 after the first six games.Nishikori recovered the point in the seventh inning, and the long-time beautiful forehand win was the first to complete the break.However, the experienced Ferrer immediately succeeded in breaking through. After four straight goals to defend the serve, he overtake the score by 5-4.In the face of the pressure that must be guaranteed, Nishikori sent out two mistakings and sent two counts.Then in the middle of the frontcourt with a good opportunity to gather, a brother in Asia showed a low-level mistake of high-pressure smashing the net, and he had no choice but to lose the first set 4-6.  Without being affected by the first set defeat, Nishikori showed a strong start in the second set and took the lead to complete the break and then straight four goals to guard the serve, thus achieving a 2-0 lead.Ferrer Paul, who recovered his focus, stabilized his position, and Nishikori, who controlled the goal of the game, also won the service and continued to lead 3-1.During the intraday period, the two sides fought fiercely, especially in the service game, and the scores also showed an upward trend.Beyond the beautiful outside corner serve, Ferrer scored the non-guaranteed ninth inning and pushed the score to 4-5.At the critical moment, Nishikori had no soft hands, and he could win the ball with a beautiful backhand straight line to win the inventory and pull back a set 6-4.  Morale’s frustrated Ferrer was damaged by consecutive backhand mistakes in the first game of the final set.Nishikori seized the opponent’s erratic opportunity to grab points consecutively and quickly reset his 2-0 lead.The Asian brother who is full of firepower is in a row, and his winning ball is backhanded. He also broke Ferrer’s serve once again.After winning four straight goals, Nishikori already led 4-0.After defending the fifth game, the tenacious Ferrer launched a fierce counterattack.However, Nishikori still withstood the pressure of five break points, and the beautiful enough ball directly bloomed to protect the hair, and once again pulled the score to 5-1.At this point, the victory or defeat of the game has lost its suspense. Nishikori broke again at the end of the set and completed the reversal by 6-1 to win the second group stage victory.(Benson)